In HARASIC / BARROS we are litigation lawyers, specialized in conflict resolution, with extensive experience in disputes, litigation and preventive legal advice in highly complex matters.
At HARASIC / BARROS we maintain a direct and constant line of communication with our clients and consultants, developing personalized legal strategies for complex legal matters, with a strong sense of commitment, trust and loyalty.
In HARASIC / BARROS we solve our clients' problems from a global, strategic and tactical perspective. We design and execute integral tailor-made solutions.

At HARASIC / BARROS we deal with our cases in a collaborative manner, so as to mitigate risks and resolve the issues efficiently and effectively. We have extensive experience collaborating with legal departments of companies, professional experts in different areas of law, and other law firms.

The mission of HARASIC / BARROS is to provide legal services in complex litigation cases heard by ordinary, special and arbitration courts, with the personalized, direct, and constant participation of its partners, with the highest standards of quality and ethics, to which we assign the utmost importance. All the lawyers of our team are members of the Chilean Bar Association. In addition, among our partners there are two members of the Ethics Tribunal of the Chilean Bar Association.

The members of the firm acquire a strong commitment in every one of their cases, dedicating personalized attention and involving themselves directly to meet high professional standards.

In order to achieve this goal and satisfy the requirements of each of our clients, the firm manages a limited portfolio of matters and cases, allowing us to provide an excellent, meticulous, creative and personalized service.

In terms of civil, criminal, constitutional and commercial advice, the objective of HARASIC / BARROS is to provide a service that understands each particular business, that can be specific to each market and its risks, proposing strategic, innovative, and high-quality solutions that prevent the generation of conflicts.

At HARASIC / BARROS we understand that cases are not one-dimensional, and therefore legal services should be comprehensive, seeking to resolve the conflict in all its dimensions.

Our practice is particularly focused on ad-hoc and institutional arbitration, civil and commercial litigation, criminal litigation and disputes, constitutional claims, negotiation and mediation procedures, civil and commercial advice to companies, contentious-administrative procedures, and the provision of legal reports and opinions.

The services offered by HARASIC / BARROS include the analysis of all the particularities of a case, raising all kinds of risks from a strategic viewpoint, in order to achieve a comprehensive solution to the conflict.

In HARASIC / BARROS we have a team of lawyers with solid academic training from the best universities in the country, and outstanding professional experience as litigators.

Our team allows us to offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice, which seeks to resolve complex litigation and disputes both in and out of court, as well as to prevent them.

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Ivan Harasic Cerri


Natalia Barros Daher


Savka Covarrubias Tapia


Mikaela Kehsler Medina


Alejandra Allende Yáñez


Liliana Espinoza Chancafe


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