Natalia Barros Daher

Bachelor of Legal and Social Sciences from the Universidad de Chile School of Law, graduated summa cum laude.

Ms. Barros is a partner at the HARASIC / BARROS law firm, where she litigates criminal, civil, constitutional, and contentious administrative matters. In recent years, her practice has also focused in institutional and ad-hoc arbitrations.

Previously, she worked as an intern at Harasic & López (2011), as a paralegal in the criminal department at Bofill Mir & Álvarez Jana Abogados (2011-2013) and, later, as an associate at Bofill Escobar Silva Abogados (2014-2017).

She participated as a content advisor in the Deanship’s Cabinet of the Universidad de Chile School of Law between years 2017 and 2018, first during the term of office of Dean Davor Harasic Yaksic, and later under Claudio Moraga Klenner, during the latter’s term as Acting Dean.

In mid-2018, she was hired as a senior associate at the Harasic, Medina, Dal Pozzo & López firm, which later became Harasic, Medina & Dal Pozzo, where she focused her practice in criminal, civil, contentious administrative, and constitutional disputes.

Ms. Barros was also a teacher’s assistant of the Criminal Law course of Dr. Juan Pablo Mañalich Raffo, Tenured Professor of Universidad de Chile (2011-2017).

Additionally, she has also participated as a research assistant for the Leasur NGO, specifically in Proyecto Voto Interno, a project seeking to generate the conditions for the effective exercise of voting rights for inmates who have not been sanctioned with the loss of their citizenship (2019-2021) and as a member of the Public Legal Defense Office of Universidad de Chile (2019 until present date).

Ms. Barros is a member of the Chilean Bar Association.